Breaking Free


Without realizing it when you were skipping over the Terms of Service of [insert service name here], you were giving up quite a bit of freedom. You were also in many cases giving up quite a bit of privacy. Now, in late 2019, there are so many problems with the Socialist Free Shit Internet (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), that some people have stopped carrying mobile devices.

It seems people are finally realizing that logging into Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, Discord, and pretty much any other popular online service involves obeying restrictive and inconsistently enforced rules. More and more, people are voicing that they don’t agree with these ever-changing rules. But, they also don’t know what to do about it. It is honestly as if the thought, “Log out,” has never occurred to most people.

Like an addict in a dysfunctional codependent abusive relationship, they log into Twitter every day to bitch about Twitter, then log into Facebook to complain about Facebook, and then visit the comments of videos on YouTube to join the content creator in complaining about Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

That is neither comedy nor a lie that is reality. Every single day, I watch people log into these services to complain about all of them. What do they hope or believe this is achieving? Do they think the companies are listening to what is typed? I mean that’s a robot’s job, now. Fuck you. They’re not listening.

They are only counting. They count the number of times you load a page, favorite or retweet a tweet, share a status, and even give something an “angry face” emoji response. They also count the number of times you view an ad, click on an ad, or purchase something. If you’re purchasing things, then they’re also counting the number of dollars you spend and how often. That is all they care about.

You can be saying, “Twitter absofuckingly sucks. Jack Dorsey is an asshole.” Every time you do that, Twitter sees:

  • +1 tweet
  • +420 Replies
  • +645,360 Impressions
  • $941.37 earned in advertising revenue

All Twitter is really counting is the number of eyeballs on their content and for how long. That’s all that matters. As long as you show up to either love or hate whatever you’re about at the moment, Twitter makes a profit. They don’t care about how you feel about how they run their business. It’s making them money either way. Fuck you.

Deprive Them Of You

The way you win is by logging out. Just stop using their services. Yes, I am talking about Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, SnapChat, and all the other centralized online services. They are entitled to their success and rules, but they are not the entire Internet. You have choices.

If you actually want to have an impact on the services that have betrayed your trust, stop logging in. Deactivate or delete your account and it’s data, remove yourself from their mailing list(s), and entirely be done with them. Entirely stop using them. Logging in once in a while just to check on [insert addiction here] is not okay. You have to entirely stop.

See because when you’re just checking in to “give that bitch hell for being an idiot” you really aren’t having the effect you believe you’re having. Quite the opposite. If you show up? They make money. End of whole story.