People who want to publish online have got to learn to stop using centralized online services and, instead, build their own. It’s not optional and hasn’t been. The sooner people realize this, the better life will be for them.

If you are letting advertising that you don’t sell pay for the platform upon which you publish, please don’t be surprised when you aren’t the person who’s in control. If the arrangement isn’t working for you anymore, you need to build your own alternative.

It’s only impossible to decentralize and build your own platform if you refuse to get started. Step one is to learn how to build. Step two is to work toward building your own platform. One of the last steps you should take (not the first step) is: Start publishing. If you’re going to do it seriously, you need build your platform first.

Or, go bang your head against the walls and halls of censorship while trying to say, “Build the wall.” You look awesome doing that.

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